Though other people say I am a very open person and wear my heart on my sleeve, I think I am quite closed and I try (badly) to keep  my feelings and emotions close to my chest, partially because I’m crap at expressing myself (unless I write it down) and partially because I feel things very deeply and I don’t want to overwhelm anyone.

Also when people write things on blogs about why they love photographing weddings it always cringes me out a bit. However, I just watched a video on Facebook about a little boy who was told by his foster parents that him and his brother and sister were being adopted for christmas. I immediately balled my eyes out and it made me think of photography. I know why I like photography so much but I never really say it. So now I will say it and then cringe at myself later and probably delete this post! God I think I might have issues!

So…one of the reasons why I love photography is because I love feeling something. I cry at some point at nearly every wedding I photograph. Weather it be a father daughter dance, the gentle interaction between a bride and her elderly grandmother or sick parent, the pride in loved one’s faces, the sadness and strength when a loved one has passed away and their presence is deeply missed. At every wedding there is love, joy, laughter and tears. It’s one day in a person’s life where every person they love is in one room celebrating and loving them. It just feels so human but amplified by 1000%.

When I am photographing weddings or a new baby or even a party, I’m an observer. I am completely outside the circle (well not by the end usually) and I am able to see things through my lens and capture a little rectangle moment of life happening before my eyes. It’s quite a privilege and when I get those little moments it gives me a rush of adrenaline. I also think its amazing how we can freeze a moment in time. It’s like magic. How does time and something you see get captured? I know technically how but HOOOOOWWWWW!

As well as the emotional side, I also love to make things look nice or bring out the best in something or someone. I have always loved making things and designing things and I feel calm when something I’m working on looks right to me. So when I’m photographing objects or details of things or even people I try to do it in a way that looks perfect to me. In every image I give to a client something about it is interesting or beautiful to me personally.

So I guess photography to me is very much a projection of how I see things. It forces you to be in the moment and capture what is beautiful about that moment.

Below are some of my favourite quotes about photography and art.

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